Dry Gin

This handcrafted gin, made from chosen botanicals, recaptures the desirable character of a London dry gin. Both authentic and refined, it draws its complexity from a skilful blend of flavours combining traditional herbs and spices such as juniper berry, coriander seed, bitter lemon peel and angelica root with the aromas of Quebec’s natural wilderness. Thus, the white birch shoot rends its delicate menthol note; the pine nut, its roundness; the wild raspberry leaf, a tint of bitterness; and Labrador tea, its rich woody aspect. This audacious blend, smooth and supple, adds persistence to the finish, making Cherry River’s Dry Gin a perfect variation of a spirit whose character has been shaped by nature.

Degree of alcohol: 40 %
Size: 750 ml
SAQ code: 14561781
UPC code: 00627987103663

A timeless classic revisited