A touch of fruit,
A touch of alcohol,
A fresh way to drink wisely

Aware of the fact that many people are longing for a healthy alternative when it comes to their favourite drink, we, at Cherry River, opted to offer a more sensible option. It’ s the basis of our Hard Seltzer, the pleasure of an effervescent, low-alcohol, and fruity refreshment, that provides great taste and satisfaction without all the volume and sugar content of juices, soft drinks or other ingredients used in cocktails.

Yuzu + Lime

An alcoholic sparkling water with a light tangy taste marked by the vibrant flavour of citrus fruits, and accentuated by the presence of tiny bubbles, offering a most satisfying and thirst-quenching refreshment.

Peach + Basil

The sweet aroma of peaches combined with the freshness of basil gives this alcoholic sparkling water the sweetness and simplicity of a sunny day making it the ideal drink to quench your thirst.

Black Cherry + Cranberry

Marrying the sweetness of the black cherry with the tartness of the cranberry, this alcoholic sparkling water has the perfect aromatic balance to makea cool and refreshing drink.

Available in more than 1500 convenience stores and grocery stores in Quebec!

Tasty and refreshing, it’s the guilt free thirst quencher