Vodka of unparalleled purity

At Cherry River, as producers and artisans, we place great importance in selecting the ingredients needed in the making of our spirits. Which is why we have chosen to produce our vodkas from pure water drawn from the underground springs of Cherry River, a small village at the foot of Mount Orford, and thereby giving way to spirits of unparalleled purity. Cherry River, vodkas to express the essence of our identity, created in perfect harmony with nature.


From classic to sophisticated

At Cherry River, handcrafted gins are created from selected ingredients. By paying particular attention to the nature and the origin of what goes into the composition of our spirits, we are able to offer you high quality gins that combine tradition with the richness of what Quebec has to offer. more beautiful to offer. Thus, from classics such as juniper berry, coriander seed, bitter lemon peel and angelica root, we have sought to create aromas that highlight all the subtlety of the scents of the flora. of our regions.


A touch offruit,
A touch of alcohol,
A fresh way to drink wisely

With only 90 calories, 2 grams of sugar, all-natural flavours and no preservatives, our malt-based alcoholic beverage, produced right here in Quebec, is offered in three exciting and refreshing flavours bound to tickle your taste buds!


Tiny bottles bursting with flavour

In mixology, bitters are designed to achieve the most perfect balance in your cocktails. So whether you are a connoisseur or a newcomer, Cherry River Bitters constitute the ultimate “je ne sais quoi” to add that special touch to your creations and elevate them to new heights. Produced in small batches and bottled at the microdistillery, our unique aromas are made from natural ingredients, with no preservatives, coloring or additives, to provide a truly distinctive product with a homegrown twist.


Sweet decadence makes all the difference

Produced in Quebec, using all natural aromas, and cane sugar, Cherry River Cocktail Syrups offer a delightful selection of flavours to create rich and luscious cocktails. These syrups, considered by bartenders as essentials, bring body and smoothness to all your cocktails as well as provide a more than perfect way to lend a sweet note to a variety of beverages; such as tea, coffee, mineral water… And in the kitchen, they are an exquisite culinary treat to be savoured. Now offered in 2 sizes of 250mL and 375mL.

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