For any occasion and at your fingertips, our ready-to-drink cocktails are made with carefully selected natural ingredients. Tasty, refreshing and downright convenient, our ready-to-drink are available at Cherry River Distillery. Our mojito is also available at the SAQ. Health!




Rum punch

Bursting with sunshine and evocative of escape, Cherry River Rum Punch comes alive through its premium ingredients. Blended from the finest rums and a touch of spice, it relies exclusively on natural ingredients and features a suave and authentic combination of fresh pineapple, orange, lime and golden cane sugar. Reminiscent of the exhilarating sweetness of a Caribbean getaway, it gives way to a vibrant, inviting, and delightful experience. Cherry River Rum Punch, a seductive elixir of bliss, to which just a few ice cubes will suffice.

Degree of alcohol: 15%
Size: 750ml

Available exclusively at the distillery

Just exquisite, refreshing and… exotic!

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